Hi everyone, I'm a guitar player from Portugal, I play Instrumental metal (Heavy metal/Neo-Classical) and I just finished my first album intitled "For Eternity" wich will be released October 29...., This is my Myspace page link: www.myspace.com/helderfoliveira , please check out the album teaser and tell me what you think about it!!!
If you want you can also visit my other pages at:


Best regards, Helder Oliveira - "HelMetalMad"
I really like it! Not my style really, but musically good stuff, great guitar tone, and really quite unique. Gave you a like on FB too.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a like and a listen on facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it.
Hey Boav, its nice to know that!!, thanks for the "like" on facebook, I also gave you a like already on Facebook, your kind of music is very diferent from what I do but I like it, it's cool!!

Cheers from Portugal