Hey UG!!

I have some questions regarding pedal building.

Stripboard. If I have a 3"x2" stripboard plate, can I cut it to make it smaller?

I have this 1/4" stereo input jack that has 4 tips as opposed to 3

This 1/4" mono input jack has 3 tips as opposed to 2

And I also have this breadboard. Can I use this breadboard to test out the stripboard layout below? I don't have the stripboard yet and I want to test it out before soldering

Why do both input jacks have one more tip than the one's I've seen and what are they used for?

I bought them so I could do this bypass right here:


If anyone wants to help me and has the time.. Would you draw the components over the breadboard?

Thank you!!!
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Yes you can cut it smaller.
Those jacks have an extra terminal because they are what is called "normalizing". See how they have that extra piece of metal that touches the "tip" connection. That is essentially a switching circuit. For a crude example it would be the thing where it would disengage a speaker if you plugged in headphones. Ya dig? You can still use them you'll just not use one terminal. I can't tell you which one not having it in front of me.

And yes, that breadboard will work.