hey, i noticed this 2 weeks ago but didnt think much. the right side of the bridge with the whammy pushes in a good inch or so if i put pressure, but the left side doesnt move. its not just the part the whammy fits into, i made that tight already. im nervous about this and my guitar is stringless now. any help asap would be very grateful, very very. thank you
the post? im sorry. it sits straight, im able to tune it right, and it doesnt get in the way of playing. but if i push into the whammy, the right side moves in. the exact side the whammy bar is screwed in, moves downword. im thinking maybe that padding on that side has got ripped maybe? i dont know. its a original Floyd Rose tremolo system if that helps
i have a floyd rose on my ibanez. they are great but they are a pain in the ass a lot of times if u do not know how to maintain or u are not mechanical. my ibanez is at my house (im at my gfs house.) so i will do my best from memory to help u.

imagine this is your FR bridge below

< frets
| 0............... |

roughly where i put the 0 should be two "bolts" that you can tighten and loosen with an allen wrench.

the "bolts" are shown in picture above.

even the two "bolts" out so they are both equally screwed the same distance. if you are still having the problem then. screw the wammy bar side in slightly more.

let us know if this helped. remember anything you can do can be undone as long as you remember what you did. dont worry about tinkering with your guitar. its how u learn to maintain it the best.

foot note

bolts is in quotes because i dont actually know what the name for them are.
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btw all your set up adjustments should be made with strings on your guitar so there is tention on the neck and springs. when you change strings you shouldnt take all the strings off at one. they design guitars to have tention on the neck from the strings at all times and have heard that taking all strings off it completely for an extended period of time can warp the neck. i dont know if this is true so dont freak out.
Blues, classical, metal. Who says you cant love all 3?