So... we talked about how it's normal to have changed views toward holidays... but I'm glad to say I still LOVE Halloween. (handing out candy is hard, but I love the rest of it.) We always throw a big party and I'm thinking about it today. So, do you guys do anything fun for Halloween and if so, what?

I just stared working on our costumes. BFwants to be a Zombie-Okienoodler which means he'll be a zombie with a giant cat fish on his arm... we're not sure if he's a zombie that went noodling for fun... or a guy that got attacked by zombies while noodling, but he'll look rediculous either way.

I'm going to be a cat burglar... I'm going to dress as a queen burglar and carry a bag of cats. (stuffed animals, of course.)

Last year we went as our friend's "conscience", you know the little angel on one shoulder and devil on the other... but this friends has quite rep as a bad boy so we both went as devils. That was a blast!

Two years ago he wa Barf from Spaceballs and I was a woman jumping out of a cake.

So. Much. Fun.
Sneaky adbot is sneaky. I scare children for Halloween :3
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I'm taking my hearse to a Halloween party one of my former music teachers is putting on
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Begone, adbot! I cast a report spell!

Dayum, they've gotten sly.
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Damn tricky ass adbots. This is the first one that got me legit I think.

I read the first post and laughed...

Edit - ALMOST* got me.
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I prefer Adbot threads over Madcap

Since you, me, and Madcap are gonna be here for the rest of our lives anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and add it to mah sig. The last time I sigged someone was denizenz back in 07 when he logicd someone in the thyroid. It was impressive, his logicds.

No offense, Madcap. Still love you bro.

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adbot is adbot

regardless, i've gotten laid by a ridiculously hot girl i have no business putting my penis into every halloween since i was 17, so you can imagine how much i ****ing love this useless holiday.
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Bitches be Crazy.

This October 30th I'm going to a Manchester Orchestra concert, but I don't know what's happening the day after.
I dressed up as a volleyball player last year and the kids were all o.O "What are you supposed to be?"

Damn kids...
Party time! Also candy. Tons and tons of candy.

/Didn't read thread

Sneaky sneaky, adbots. Sneaky sneaky.
I think it's time for a change.

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I dressed up as a volleyball player last year and the kids were all o.O "What are you supposed to be?"

Damn kids...

Should've said Kasumi from Dead Or Alive
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haha You pwned an entire website....i bow down...