Hello, haven't written a song in awhole so here it is. It was originally going to be a song i was doing for a math project lol but i didnt want to waste the riff and such so yeah.
Im no lead guitarist so its a bit off.
Crit, like, dislikes everything you can throw at me, and C4C always and forever
cool thanks! yeah i know i dont know why this recording was so choppy, the rockband mic might be going lol, ill check yours out now!
I would of put the lead guitar with the acoustic breaks, not during the verses, makes it a little to chaotic with it being off. You have a good voice, it's a little pitchy at times, I would work on your accuracy a bit. I would make the recording a little tighter, invest in a limiter to avoid vocal distortion. I would raise the vocals well. Good song though, thanks for the crit.
thanks, yes i know the levels are off, im using a rock band mic so i dont really get a lot of choices lol, thanks though