I have these Epiphone humbuckers that replaced, and i figured i'd use them on my first "from scratch" build (which im not spending a lot of money on just in case...)
anyways, i noticed these pups have only 2 wires, not 1 or 4 like regular humbuckers. which is hot and ground? the covered one or the bare one?
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Covered is hot. Bare is ground. I would say that this is 100% always the way it is but I'm sure someone would know some crazy pickup where it was the other way.
edit: doh, left this open for a while before replying, people got there first in that time =p

the 2 CAN be swapped backwards, it reverses the phase of the pickup. some people like that sound (only noticeable when blended with another pickup). its generally done via a p/p pot though, because its not something youd want to use all the time
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