Poll: Punk Rock Project; Which Guitar to Use as Project Base?
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Epiphone Les Paul Jr Limited Edition
7 39%
Squier Bullet HSS Strat
11 61%
Voters: 18.
I'm about to buy a guitar to use as my first foray into customizing. I just wanna start small, a cheap guitar and swap the pickup(s) for the time being. It's between an Epiphone Les Paul Jr Limited Edition, and a Squier Bullet HSS. The guitar will never be gigged, hence going for the really cheap ones, but I'll probably use it for practices, maybe even a backup/alternate tuned guitar. First and formost it's for me to learn customizing on, from wiring pickups to changing hardware, maybe even stripping and finishing.

Anyway, I want to make this project a straight up punk rock guitar. I listen to/play mostly punk rock and classic rock (some 80s rock too, GnR and Motley Crüe etc). I already have a Les Paul that sounds great for classic/80s/punk rock, but I want to make a guitar that I only pick up for playing punk rock. I'm leaning WAY towards the LP Jr with a P-90 swap. No need for middle/neck pickups if I just wanna play punk. If not I'd go with the Bullet and throw an SD Invader in the Bridge spot. But I already have an Ibanez RG which has more of a "crunchy" sound (and strat style body), so the Squier with an Invader would be very similar. The LP Jr would be unique as it's just 1 pickup.

Just wondering which everyone else would pick as their starting point between those two (those are the only two I'm interested in, I don't want to go the used body/neck route at this point until I start getting more comfortable with the inner working knowledge).

The tone I like is more Green Day/overdriven-esq than say your street/hardcore punk with growling lyrics and super distorted guitars.

Making a cheap project guitar strictly for punk rock style, would you start with an Epi LP Jr Limited or a Squier Bullet HSS, and which pickup would you swap into the bridge position of your choice if you wanted the classic overdriven punk tone of a band like early Green Day
I see two sides of this.

First off the HSS Strat will give you so many more options as far as customization goes. However if you're dead set on the punk image I think being minimal helps with that. So The LP jr would suit that. If you wanted this just for punk would you not be using any clean sounds?
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Exactly no clean sounds. It's just gonna be my guitar I plug in to take some aggression out haha. Not gonna be playing clean, no leads (well intricate ones that I'd be wanting other tones from other pickups from). It doesn't have to be versatile as it will never be gigged or recorded with (well unless it comes out sounding AWESOME haha, but gigging/recording isn't my intention with it, I've already got a few guitars I use for shows/recording), and will only be used for one style of music.

This is just going to be my entry point, later on I'd like to do more builds, I'm thinking of taking on a bluesy strat project after I learn some stuff, so I'll get to play with all the strat options at a later date. However, I'm not opposed to doing more than 1 strat if the HSS Squier could be a better option for the tone I want to achieve. I'm swayed way towards the LP Jr because a LP/P-90 combo seems like more of my tone than a strat with an Invader. But I'm also admittedly bias towards LPs, I just love them, even their weight lol. So that's why I'm asking outside opinions, making sure I'm not just convincing myself the Jr is the pick because of my LP love.
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isnt the Epi LP Jr. a single humbucker guitar? correct me if i'm wrong but i think it is... and to put a p90 in it would require some wood filler and extra blocks of wood. unless you used a p94
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Or a phat cat. Obviouly, the LP will offer a lot less customisation possibilty and will be pretty striped down.
I think you'd learn a little bit more about customization and modding with something that has more options... go for the strat. Plus you said you wanted to learn about stripping and painting, so the strat would be easier in that regard because you can take the neck off. No need for a whole roll of tape to protect the neck and fingerboard.
I think you should pick a guitar that will give you the most experience when frankensteining, save your bias for something that you will want to play/gig/record.

EDIT: thanks CrazyPigeon.
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If you're going for early Green Day, the Strat is your best bet. Late Green Day, then go for the LP Jr. w/ P90 swap.

EDIT: To the above post, the Epi LP Jr is a bolt-on.
I dunno much punk rock so I don't know. :/
I personally like the Strat shape over the LP shape.