Hi Guys!

I just want to share one my composition and get your opinions as usual.
I'm thinking of re-recording it but before doing that I want to check and see what improvements I can make.
I find the song a bit too slow and too long. I'm looking to cut it out a bit on my next recording.

My vocals somewhere in the end is a bit off as well.

I'll look forward for your comments. Thanks everyone!

I think your song is solid. I like the melody behind it, but it does sound like you are pushing your vocals to the limit. Some more practice will probably tighten that up. Any chance you could add some bass and a drum track to fill it out?

The electric solo at 3 minutes was very distracting from the song. It didn't work at all. I'd say take it out and replace it with a non-distorted acoustic solo. At least to see if it works better. Or record it a few more times and use a different tone.

The feel of the vocals reminded me of Sundays Best. Lot of potential!

I have 3 songs up now. Please check out one of them and leave a comment....

Baldwin Park (blues)
Sneaky (chill)
Some Bird (easy listening)