Choosing an online retailer can make the difference between having a great guitar sitting at home for you to play with a big grin on your face or sitting at home in rage waiting to resolve the issue which led to $1000+ of frozen funds for sometime now.

Post your best/worst experiences and recommend online retailers based on options like like 'play for 30 days and if you dont like it you can send it back,' prices, quality of setup upon receipt, etc.

On a more urgent note, I need to pick one real quick which offers a grace period to try the guitar out and provides refunds. List them if you can.



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I think musiciansfriend has one, but I haven't tried it yet.

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daddys.com is cool if you are looking for used stuff, ive bought alot from them.
i dont think they let you try it out and send it back though that would be more of a hassle than just going to guitar center or something.
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daddys.com is cool if you are looking for used stuff, ive bought alot from them.

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Ebay can be great if you buy from reputable vendors. As far as I know they never offer a 'try out' period. Refunds are normally at your own cost.
AxeMusic out of Calgary is pretty awesome and usually has some good deals on.
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