I hope this isn't offensive to anyone.
I couldn't help it - she has
a beautiful face; though nameless.
I like to pretend I'm doing
the right thing (keeping them
all at arm's length). If I try
hard enough I'm sure I can
justify it,
but the truth is: You don't
defile a person
and get away with it.

Sneer slowly seeming more like
a death glare; the psycho facial
expression was my cue. My overly-
contrite prose had to make
an entrance.

We dwell on my
for a little
more. I feel
her scorn shifting,
her contemptuous
tone diminishing.

I offer a drink.

If someone,
somewhere abhors you, I say give
them no reason to. Then
give them
reason to.

I'm still certain that
it was the most beautiful
face I've seen;
though nameless.
Isn't it meant to be offensive?
Empty tankard! Empty Tankard!
Quote by oakn
Isn't it meant to be offensive?

Quote by ali.guitarkid7
I say give
them no reason to. Then
give them
reason to.

okay so i read this about 5 times trying to understand what you are really saying here. so far this is what i got...you (narrator) feels resented by a beautiful person, so you get on their good side, and then defile them? is that the jist of it? and the message you are trying to send is "if someone seems to hate you for reasons unknown, just play it cool, act nice to them, and then really give them reason to hate you."

am i missing something here? is that it? i'm not offended, just confused as to why you would want to send a message like that, and in all seriousness. it's neither moral nor immoral, it is downright amoral.
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