Poll: Would you want to use Identified's service?
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I use Facebook and I would use Identified
1 3%
I don't use Facebook and I would use Identified
1 3%
I don't use Facebook and I won't use Identified
5 14%
iDentify yo mama
29 81%
Voters: 36.
The newest professional social network that works off your personal network. They are funded by both the Facebook side and the Google side (wouldn't you expect them to be funded by one but not the other?) and have an interesting, to say the least, take on a person's professional worth.



Their model:

So... do you want to be Identified? Do you think this is a good step for the future of professional networking? Like it? Hate it? Moral issues? Discuss.

p.s. They are trying to replace LinkedIn.
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This might be good if they have stringent checks. But probably shit for me because I suck at Facebook.
I dunno. Seems like it would make it impossible to get a job without being previously employed, or without a lot of notable contacts and it's hard enough as it is.

I hope this doesn't catch on.

EDIT: You didn't include 'I use facebook and wouldn't use identified' so instead iDentified your mother.
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Too late now. Joke option now legit.

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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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You didn't make the option "Use facebook, wont use identified", so I'd entify yo mama
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More stupid than not. I don't like being checkep upon and have my value estimated on these arbitrary values that are supposedly shown on my social networks, which I want to be kept private. A thing like this would force users to show certain things they wanted private to public just to get an edge in the already stressful jobhunting market so they as well can join the life-time adventure of work-sleep-work-die.
Too drastic of a privacy breach. You should be able to control what people know about you and not have to spill every little detail about your life or know celebs to get anywhere in the world.Even though if this thing caught on I would be in the top 30% in the world or so, I still don't want it to catch on. At all!



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