Since after all, when starting out, playing guitar seems completely foreign anyhow that it shouldn't matter how whether you play lefty or righty (the latter being much more convenient), eh?

Or does the dominant hand really make a difference?

I'm going to be teaching my bro to play, and I want to know whether I should start him on lefty or say to hell with it and just hand him a righty. If it makes any difference he'll most likely play acoustic (fingerpicked) stuff primarily.

I just want to know your guys' opinions on the matter. I don't want him to be technically challenged due to playing a righty, but I don't want to give him struggles and worries of having to live in the world of lefties if it doesn't even make much of a difference in the long run.
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Take him to a shop and get him to try both. The dominant hand is a lot better to strum with, just like it's better for leading with on drums.
When I first played on kits, I just sat behind whatever setup I could access and bashed away and always found that when leading with my left hand I couldn't keep time at all.
Once he's had a certain amount of practice it won't make any difference which hand is dominant. It might be a bit harder at first but past a certain point... just play righty, the choice of gear is so much better.
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Let him try it out both and ask him which feels more comfortable.
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My friend is a lefty but plays guitar right handed, it works good for him. It was awkward either way when he started out, but he figured it'd be easier to find instruments if he played righty.
Shouldn't really matter that much as far as technique is concerned - getting gear for a righty is much much easier, though.
By the way, didn't Jimi Hendrix play lefty, while he was actually right-handed?
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Lefty guitars are hard to find and always seem to be marked up in price. Get him started on righty guitars.
Joe Perry can play good, and he's a lefty who plays right handed, is he not?
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I'm left handed and probably might have preferred playing that way but I played right-handed first and found lefty uncomfortable after that, but it'll probably be easier in the long run to play right-handed though because of equipment issues anyway.

Also, Mark Knopfler plays righty and he's left-handed.
I play lefty. Getting gear is annoying but my Dad had a few lefty guitars for me to learn on anyway so it wasnt an issue to begin with.
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I'm left handed and deciding to play guitar right handed was the best decision ever. Now I can pick up any guitar at any store or any friends house, where as when your left handed your options are very limited.

And guitar is ambidextrous, meaning no matter which way you play you will be using both hands. So just learn right, you would be stupid to start left IMO.
As a complete beginner my guitar teacher adviced me to play on a righthanded guitar even tough i'm a left hander.. but i'm happy that i learned to play this way i dont know if its harder to learn or anything because i have never tried an alternative =)
I think the most important reason for lefties to play rightie is thus:
Your fretting hand gets to be your dominant hand, which makes most of the left hand technique a lot easier to learn and master. Fretting notes, chords, legato..... everything about the left hand is much easier.

Picking technique is a little tougher and will require some focus, but finger independence will be much easier to achieve with your dominant hand as opposed to your nondominant.
I have a friend who is a lefty but plays on normal guitars.

The interesting thing is the keeps the guitar back words, with the thick string down )

It looks strange but he plays like a good ) (and his a drummer)

On topic: As for you brother, i put that question to myself and asked my teacher and he told me that if he is a lefty he should try lefties for the simple fact that that is the way it comes natural to him
For a number of lefties, myself included, holding a guitar actually feels more natural right handed. I learned to play guitar and violin right handed because of the scarcity of left handed instruments, but looking back, I was able to avoid a lot of the difficulty that players encounter with their fretting hands because I was using my dominant hand to fret notes. That can be a huge advantage even as you progress technically, since your fretting hand is more naturally dexterous and can more easily adapt to more complex and unusual frettings.
im a lefty but always played righty.

Yes. when you start out it doesnt matter what way you lean, buecause you dont know any better. I think everyone should learn righty becuase there are alot more brands/ makes that you can buy.
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A bonus for playing righty is that you don't go around poking people because your instrument faces opposite from everyone elses. Less guitar headstock crashes with other guitar headstocks as well.

Left handed violinists for centuries have been excelling to the peak of their art. For violin the poking people with the instrument thing is much more important because everyone sits close together and uses a rapidly moving bow - thus mostly all lefties play righty on violin. It is no problem for a lefty to play righty and I usually recommend that they do.
Both dextiousities (is that even a word???) have their share of elitists who will slander at the slightest hint of wrong, so tell him to pick one and worry about the rest later. Hell you could always teach him lefty/righty now and he can relearn himself on the opposite later. If he decides to switch you won't lose anything, I don't think.

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That's why there's left handed guitars out there. We are individual and artisitc and more gifted than right handies - it's obvious. ;0)
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I'd advise him to play whatever way he finds to be the most comfortable, just as everyone else has been saying.
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Pft, I didn't even notice that it was a dying thread. I just saw it at the top. I'm not in the habit of checking the date, why the high horse?

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Junior's usually at least a little terse, but he knows his stuff. I've always read his posts in a grouchy grandfather voice, a grouchy grandfather with a huge stiffy for alternate picking.
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I´d say always go for righty even if you are a lefty. When you first start out both your hands doesn´t know what to do, so it doesn´t matter which hand that´s supposed to do what. If your´e a lefty your dominant hand will be the fretting hand and you will have easier with that hand, if youré a righty your dominant hand will be the picking hand and you will probably have more trouble with the fretting hand but will have a much easier time developing the picking hand and things like strumming will be easier at first. But of course after a while you will be good with both hands and well it simply wont matter anymore