Selling or trading my '96 ESP M-II Deluxe with original hardcase.

For those who dont know about this model:

- made in the ESP Japanese custom shop
- alder body
- extra-thin maple neck
- rosewood board with 24 frets
- Original Floyd Rose (made in germany)
- bolt-on

The mods:

- DiMarzio Evolution on the bridge
- DiMarzio FastTRack on the neck
- extra knob

Note: it has some dings but nothing structural, just cosmetic stuff.

SELLING PRICE: 650euros not including shipping

TRADING FOR: Les Pauls, Explorer (Edwards, Tokai) Eclipse (ESP or LTD Deluxe) Flying V (Gibson or Dean Eric Peterson Sig) Schecter Hellraiser or Blackjack ATX (no floating bridges please).

i'll send pics upon request, contact me here or thru ivo8587@gmail.com.