im not good by ear, but sounds similar to house of the rising sun so maybe check out that tab for chords and play around to find the progression.
ittttttt very true !!! it so similar to house of the rising sun - the animal

thanks you man for helping me ...

i wish some one could post the tabs of the song i put it on top ... LINKS OF YOUTUBE

i'll be sooooooo thankful
Nope. But here's something helpful anyway, since I'm just that nice: More people will be willing to help if you put the song title and artist in the title of your thread. So instead of "OMG PLZZZ HALP I NEED TAB" (which we assume anyway, since this is the tab forum), make the title "Need tab for X by Y" or something like that.
^^ he's right. alot of ppl (myself included) dont even look at the threads unless its a song they know or are looking for themeselves. I usually just hover over the link and if its just "look at the link and help" or "tab this song" or what ever then i usually dont even bother. In my opinion every thread start should read like this or at least cover the points you can:

Type of tab (GP, PT, txt, etc..)
then links and requests or whatever.

obviously this won't apply to everyones request, as you may be looking for a song name or what ever, but think it would be a good start for ppl who are looking for a specific tab.

As well, something that irks me is when someone is looking for a song that is on this site with 20 versions. Typical process (for me) is search this site, search using 911 tabs or tab robot, search google/ web, request help on here.
well , if i told you the name of the song is : YA RAYAH

& the singer is DAHMAN EL HARACHI .. will you know him ?? of caurse no

that way i put a video on youtube