ok well i have been playing for many years now and have always used 9-42, well i decided to try a pack of Ernie ball 10-52 strings and wow amazing this is the perfect gauge string to use. i find they stay in tune better, intonation is spot on with these, and the sound this give in clean or amazing, i also find soloing is way better with these i cant not belive in 20 plus years playing i have always only used 9-42... i did try 10-46 before but wow... the notes seem to sound much more clear no way will i ever go back to anything lower then 10-52... and bending is so simple i have no issues bending the strings... just thought i would share....
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Yeah, ive been think of trying 9-46, depending on how that goes, i may or may not but up to 10 52. Im not much of a br00tz drop tuner though, whole step at the most.
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I'm glad we can all just agree to use just one string gauge now that the best one has been discovered. It should really make things easier for Guitar Center employees.
u like them 1052's? Try 1256....you'll never go back..

IMHO they're the best...Gratz on your find man..
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