I tried doing Hallelujah again...

I think this version is better than my last attempt at it (which quite honestly sucked (even more)). I tuned my guitar down a full step so the singing wouldn't be out of reach for my voice anymore. Any comments on the singing?

I played it a bit too fast though, but I couldn't rerecord it because of problems with my guitar.

Anyway, as always, C4C. Enjoy.
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Absolutely horrible guitar tone, out of rhythm, too fast.

Basically, you totally ruined this great song.

Sorry, if too harsh
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Well waddaya know, I've been spelling it wrong all my life, thanks for pointing that out :P

Anyway, the guitar tone is just acoustic, I didn't add any effects, so yeah, there's not much I can do about that. Regarding the speed, I recorded the guitar in one take, and it was only afterwards, when I started adding things, that I noticed it was way too fast. It bothered me all the time but I couldn't rerecord it because of issues with my guitar.

I'll rerecord this once I get my guitar fixed, but much slower. That way, I don't have to hurry the rest up.

Also, C4C: I really liked it, the guitar was nice and your voice sounded great. There's not much more I can really say about it, good job
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