I've pretty much got everything I'd need for a while rig wise. In the works right now is a lot of heavier doom stuff, possibly just bass and drums. I don't want a mountain of pedals, but I do want a few I think.

I think I want a wah, I like the idea of an auto-wah, but I feel like a real wah would be limiting, more tasteful and used more as such. What's a good wah used or new for under $100? also are wahs better on clean or fuzz IE should I bi amp and have a clean channel for that effect?

Also I have a chorus pedal, but I am wondering if a Phaser or Flanger might be a more concentrated effective choice in doom and overall. (I play chords sometimes would they muddy up bad)

And on the same as above, I saw a few rackmount multi effects, like reverb,delay,flange
Do delay and reverb work with bass? and if they do would they if it was fuzzed out and through a dirty tube pre? (Though I can Bi amp)

I have dirt pretty much taken care of, except I think my russian big muff sounds a little "synthy" when pushed and I prefer a more raw sound any ideas under $100 new/used
I saw a classic wah on guitar center for 99dlls, anyone can tell you it's legendary..
personally I love the 535Q wah (many many more tone combinations, variable Q, variable boost, and 6 settings with a fasel inductor)

I you have a problem with muddy chords, I'll sugest a phaser, MXR has some pretty dinamic ones

reverb does work well with any instrument, but a big delay on bass lines can cause massive muddiness :P (due to the note frequencies being closer together)

I must mention I love the sound of the big muff, but if you want something more grainy, try a proco RAT2, they are extremely popular over were I live
Opus Pocus =]
Thanks! I saw a guy selling a rackmount double cascading rat, I realllly want it but he's firm on $200 and that seems steep. I'd use the delay in more of a slapback than a full on crazy zany echo

I found this...

http://austin.craigslist.org/msg/2619818507.html That what you suggested?

Here's the rat


He says he welcomes bass trades, so I'm going to try and unload some stuff on this guy
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dude, buy the 535Q!

50 dlls is very very cheap

new in Baja, mexico they cost about 250dlls.. I'll guarantee you'll love it >.<

and that specific rat is good because of the OP amp chip in it, in the newer ones proco changed the design a bit..

if you want so save some money, I guess you could buy a LM308 proco pedal for about 80dlls on ebay
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The rat guy wants an amp or pedals neither of which I'm in a position to sell. Oh well...

The Wah is a guitar wah, with the adjustable "Q" is it good for bass as much as say the dunlop 105Q bass wah?
The best wah I have used is Jam Pedals' Wahcko+. They have the regular Wahcko, but the + has a six position switch to alter the timber and degree of sweep. It's more money than you're looking to spend, but this thing is very diverse and it's like having multiple wahs at your disposal, from subtle and weeping to big and honking. I just did a review on it:

I find that Wah pedals aren't really that useful for the bass in the long run, unless your following a Cliff Burton approach of lead bass, in which you'd probably want some distortion with some wah to do those solo's.
Also, wah pedals will work when you're writing slow and mellow pieces between the 12-24th frets but other than that you'll just look like a clown.
Quote by infectednations
you'll just look like a clown.

rodeo, or It style clown?

I wouldn't be Burton'ing, I found an old full size Q-tron for $50

It needs a power cord, anyone know what the price of one would be or where to get one?