Clearing out stuff I'm not using anymore. Open to trades.

RE: Trades - I'm looking for microphones. But I mean, I'm a sucker for new overdrives, so try me.

BYOC Bluesbreaker BBOD - $70
Good clean build, I'm just a tubescreamer guy.


Lovepedal Karl Fuzz (2 knob, no LED) - $120
Sorta oldschool. Handwired and all goop'd up inside. Real spitty n mean.

Planet Waves Tuner - $30
Does the job.

11 Patch Cables (1 foot) - $25
These are the rainbow-y molded ones that are $20 for a half dozen. Good value if you're not cable-fancy.

Pedaltrain JR with ATA Hard Case - $120 (buyer splits shipping)
NOT the newer version with brackets. This DOES NOT have the voodoo labs brackets. Instead, you get a hardcase that's apocalypse-proof.

Prices are shipped (other than the pedaltrain), but please add 3% for paypal.
Pics dont work man
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All for sale!

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