Very pretty. I wish there were more instruments, it would of made it sound fuller. The higher notes that both the guitars play in the chord sound a little weird over each other. The progressions are really nice. It kind of cuts out at one point, and that's weird. The quiet part comes in a little weird, some of those progressions are odd, but good none the less. Great job, very pretty.

While I do enjoy the intimacy of just having you and the acoustic guitar as the medium of expression here i would have to agree it feels a little empty at times. For what it is, it is quite good, but in future compositions of this sort id consider at least dubbing over a lead guitar part of some sort if vocals arent your thing. Likewise, there are a myriad of other possibilities if you have access to keyboards or any other kind of instrument if nothing else than to give it a more atmospheric effect. It is relaxing the way it is but doesnt quite have the capacity to get lost in it for me without more dynamics and depth. It also seems like from the couple slip ups here and there that you recorded this straight through in one take. while this is probably a good habit to be in to force you to be precise with everything, it is a recording so you can always go back and work on/tweak/ add/subtract. I dont want to assume too deeply into your thought process, but dont be too quickly to call it the final outcome if you think there could be more to explore with it.

also theres something weird with the sound at 1:17, you probably already know but just pointing it out if you didnt catch it

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Thank you all! I'll get to my part of the C4C deal in a little bit.

The deal with the sound dropping out is that I accidently punched the microphone on a downstroke lol. My recording technology is literally a microphone plugged into a small mixer plugged into my computer, super basic, so it was easier to just leave that than deal with re-recording it 20 times. I'm definitely going to record some keyboards to this at some point when I have a keyboard, I completely agree that it sounds empty and needs to be filled out a bit
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Well-written little piece, with some nice progressions. I liked when you switched from strumming to picking towards the end, I was going to suggest doing that.
For next steps, just practice it a bit. You have a few dodgy notes here and there, but the accuracy sounds good overall (no wrong notes that I could hear). Also, I'd consider overdubbing some melodies, like jmako said, but if this is just supposed to be a one-guitar piece, you're off to a good start.
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1488363