The term “space rock” has been applied loosely over the last decade, but few bands truly achieve that delicate balance between openly atmospheric and crushingly heavy. Complex times, without feeling overly mathy. The Chicago quartet have layered instrumentation reminiscent of 90’s rockers Hum, with powerful vocals that can lead the listener towards Failure, or even the Midwest rock sounds of Shiner. This doesn’t mean Lybria are stuck in 90’s, as their modern approach has the contemporary feel of a matured Thrice, or progressive nature of UK’s Oceansize. Lybria are now focused on supporting their new EP “Cylces” with regional shows throughout the Midwest, and a heavy online presence.


For Fans of:
Thrice, Oceansize, Shiner, Hum, Failure, The Life and Times, The Felix Culpa
Thanks man, your positive words really do mean a lot to us. Much appreciated.
I enjoyed listening to your band too! I can always respect and appreciate a 3 piece.

It would mean a lot if you could spread the word about our band!
We plan to release a few new songs in the near future so please keep checking back for updates! We'll do the same.