Poll: Do you play your guitar through a laptop?
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14 25%
41 75%
Voters: 55.
I notice a lot of guitarists these days are using laptops instead of pedals. I even see guitarists using their laptops in concerts. I just tried to plug my guitar into garage band using a usb interface and it sounded god awful. Do any of you use a laptop with your guitar?
Nope, don't have any sort of USB interface and I prefer being able to switch my effects on the fly using my feet so pedals and an amp are the way to go for me.
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nope i like my sound to come from my amp and pedals(most of which i built)
it just makes more sense to me and feels more like MY sound when i do it this way
also it looks much cooler imo

but if people could find te sound they want using a computer good for them
I have. I was really suprised that my netbook could handle guitar-rig, so sometimes i plug in my external soundcard into my netbook and record something.
just for practice: I use POD Farm
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For practise at home, and when tracking demos - yes.

Live, when recording real takes and any other situation I can imagine - no.

Amp sims can sound great, and in the right mix sound just as good as a real amp, but I wouldn't use one live - that said, the AxeFX is well-renowned for having a great sound, though it's more a modelling amp when used live I suppose. The problem most people have with them is they use the crap ones, and aren't used to dialling in a good tone... I'm partially in this category too, as I don't claim to know my way around them as many engineers, but you shouldn't rule them out just because you personally can't get a good tone... it takes a while for a beginner to learn how to get a good sound from an amp, and then when you start using software you're instantly in an unfamiliar ballpark but this time round you can hear how bad it sounds to your newly-trained ear.

Edit: And if anyone wants to try some, there are plenty of great freeware amp sims you combine with an Impulse Response of a cab to get the full effect of a decent amp sim - I use LePou's Lecto and LE456 amp sims, sometimes LeXtac and LeGion too, going into God's Cab and Catharsis Studio's IR's (Ryan/Catharsis occasionally frequents this site in fact, so if you're reading - thanks for the IR's you make available, s pres high is awesome with LeCto!)
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Decent sound card: 150$
I'd say Acmebargig's Head Case is comparable -- if not better than -- Guitar Rig 4, which is ten times as expensive. That was the best 30$ I have spent.

While not as good as a good tube amp, it's a good setup to start out with.
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Nope, don't have any sort of USB interface and I prefer being able to switch my effects on the fly using my feet so pedals and an amp are the way to go for me.

But I just got into guitar rig 5, and I love the tone. If you don't want it to sound "digital", you can make it easily sound fairly natural with guitar rig; I've maid a lot of analog-sounding patches. And anyone who says its "cheating" or something is clearly stupid, because it in no way improves my ability to actually play the notes on the guitar. It's not like I'm running my guitar through autotune or anything.

In conclusion, I play may guitar through my laptop a lot now, and see no problem in it.
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Yep, run my signal through my interface into Logic Pro. Thouseands of easy effects which are easy enough to change. Cheap as well with a student discount (when I originally bought Logic).
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Yes. But only if I'm too lazy to hook up all my pedals. But I got an m13 a few months ago, so I use that instead of my laptop now. I'm far more likely to use it for vocal effects, though.
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I used to. There's something about running through a bigger speaker and the air that I think suits the guitar better, so I prefer amps when I can use them, but I do tend to use VST for recording. I have and would like to use real-world recording equipment if I could, but I can't really push it up loud, so it's soft to the point you can hear the strings plinking in the background when I do.

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Yes, but I only use large super computers from the 70's that run on tubes, because it gives me a better tone than the shitty digital laptops of nowadays