I think I am posting this in the right section; however if not mods feel free to move it. I am looking for some suggestions for a distortion pedal to achieve that 80s thrash metal sound heard from such bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer you know the tone I am after! I was considering a Metal Muff or a Big Muff variant but figured I would shout out here and see what direction people pointed me in. Cost or brand is not an issue just as long as it can nail that mid to late 80s growl.
If you're after a Metal Muff, I'm selling mine With no real budget though, you could probably do a lot better. What amp do you have first?
What's ur budget?
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Wampler Triple Wreck for the win.
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The Boss Metal Zone (MT-2) really gets that high gain screaming distortion, like early Megadeth, but has little versatility in low chunky distortion. Used with the Boss GE-7 Equalizer it can get those lower sounds, it might be a little pricy for both but it sure does make a great combination.
My amp is a Marshall Haze 15 watt class A all tube head, its certainly not the problem, infact it has more gain on tap then I can shake a stick at; however its the wrong type of gain too sizzley sounding, it suits modern stuff better but not the 80s thrash it seems a little too much for it, I have contemplated changing the V1 tube but I otherwise like the tone from the amp.

No Budget on the pedal either.
Well, with no budget, I'd suggest the following distortions, Suhr Riot, Wampler Triple Wreck or the Okko Dominator. Three very different beasts, but I'm reasonably confident they'd all be able to do what you want.
Yeah I was just checking out the Triple Wreck on YouTube there and its certainly sounding nice, spent two days trying to tame my Fullbore metal but that thing is just useless, the only time I use it is kinda like a boost for Dethklok leads/solo's other then that its been the most useless pedal I have purchased! Caught a sample of the MXR Custom Badass and it was doing the four horsemen alright but I dont wanna get fooled again!

Thanks for the help guys!
the triple wreck sounds good, but if you have a tube amp it might be better to get an overdrive pedal and use the tone of your amp rather than get a distorion pedal and try to over run it
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triple wreck and okko dominator fairly aggressive
tech 21 double distortion can get aggressive too
the elements up there too

to me, 80s growl is high gain marshall, or a boosted jcm800

would guess a wampler plextortion
or a weehbo jcm drive,
or mi crunch box, then add a boost pedal such as hardwire tube overdrive or green rhino

perhaps mess with a line 6 hd with jcm 800 or bogner and overdrive with twin channels


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They are aggressive, but they also have gain knobs to lower the gain and the triple wreck has the vintage/modern switch too. im not saying that a marshall in a box isnt a good suggestion, im just saying that the TW and dominator can do much more than full blast modern high gain.