Say I were to buy a guitar with humbuckers, can I replace the pups with p90s
It is smaller than a humbucker, so yes, it would fit.

Just not all too well...
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Simple answer, NOPE. Humbuckers require less real estate on the front of the guitar then either of the P90 variants; however as mentioned Gibson and I think a few other companies make the P90/Humbucker hybrid which is essentially the P90 single coil in the humbucker package. Otherwise you will have to rout out the guitar to make room for a soap bar or dog ear.
most P90s are smaller but more rectangular than a standard HB, so you'll have to make the the slot wider and you'll have some space left near the top and bottom of the slot. Your best bet are either Gibson P94s or the Seymour Duncan Phat Cats. After owning both and installing them on my Epi Sheraton II, I can say with confidence that the Phat Cats win hands down. Overall, I think they sound more like P90s than the P94s, and for semihollowbodies, they really bring out the airy resonance of the guitar. To my ears, they don't sound exactly like P90s, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Overall, I am very satisfied with my Phat Cats and prefer them to anything else I've ever tried in my Sheraton, including 57 classics.

Phat Cat: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seymour-Duncan-SPH90-1n-Phat-Cat-Guitar-Pickup-102555075-i1426103.gc?esid=phat+cat
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a HB sized P90 is the answer. Seymour Duncan makes them and if your broke like me look at the GFS mean90 or dream 90.
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Depending on what type of guitar you could enlarge the pickup routs to fit a p90. I've seen it done on plenty of squire strats. But I would recommend going with the HB sized SD phat cats.
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Thanks for the answers guys! I'm gonna have a couple extra p90s soon and I like 'em so much I thought bout putting them, or at least 1, in my dual hb Cort. Guess I'll just leave it alone, variety is the spice of life right?
im pretty sure ive seen some pickup bezels that convert humbucker slots to p90 size. its just really thick and fits a p90 in it.
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