I have a song, a very progressive song, which took me almost a year to write and record, and even still, it isn't completely finished. It's kind of along the lines of Dream Theater and other such bands in that it's long (exceedingly long), quite complex and has a good many insane time signatures.

Like I said, the song is exceedingly long, it's just over twenty minutes long.

There are a few errors (keyboard solo is slightly off time, etc, etc), but if you notice anything, please don't hesitate to point it out to me.

Here's the link: http://soundcloud.com/miseryfields/damiens-vault

I'd like your opinion on it, if you have the time to listen to the whole thing.
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21 minutes??! Well... this better be good!

Really cool riff at the start, sounds very Dream Theater esque, a bit like 6:00 from Awake. Drums also very DT like (which is a good thing). I was thinking maybe a little too similar to DT if the whole song is like this (despite it being excellent) but then we have a change around the 2min mark the something fairly different. Keyboards blend very well with the other instruments. Like the section starting around 4:30. The guitar solo is decent, I felt the tone was slightly thin though.
I must say this is fairly fantastic, you explore many different musical ideas and have very different feels along the way, but you transition very smoothly between them. It definitely shows that you spent so much time on it, a year well spent
Production wise, things are excellent too; volume levels about right, maybe drums are just a tiny notch too loud perhaps. Guitar tone is pretty nice, suits the music just right.
Like the quieter section after 12mins, and the keyboards that come after with the heavier guitars have a very interesting sound, even though they are just playing chords at that point. Love this fast riff after the dramatic keyboard bit at 17mins. Reminds me of The Glass Prison. The composition and the way this is all put together is pretty flawless really. I suppose the only part which maybe has some room improvement in this regard would be the guitar solos. They were good (last one was my favourite), just I was expecting something particularly memorable or amazing given the extremely high standards you set yourself in the rest of the song. Also, as I mentioned maybe the lead tone was slightly lacking in body.
Anyway, the ending... it was ok, perhaps was anticipating something more dramatic or final sounding to end such a great piece.

Overall though, that was superb, very glad I took the time to listen to it. Definitely a candidate for best thing I've heard posted here.

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I do not have the ability to listen to a song for 21 minutes, sorry, I'll just try my best I guess. It's a little on the repetitive side for me, there isn't a lot of breaks, it's all runs. I would add more syncopated rhythms, they sound great. The drums are a little too loud, I'm not really a fan of the bass drum, but I'm not into this kind of music. The synth part is cool. It's really well done for what it is, great job.
This was amazing dude. My only complaint is that it seemed a bit onepaced for too long given its length but very good. With some vocals and epic production then that's something a top level band can be proud of. Nice work!

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