im talking about this guitar . its a strat style distressed guitar


i reall ylove the distressed look .. i know many hate relic guitar .. but i already have a american strat and now i want to reward myself with another guitar .

i was thinking of a mexican strat hss ... but for the same price ( even cheaper ) theres the Esp LTD george lynch .

lookwise .. i just love it .. just wanna know if someone own it and if its decent quality .. i know lower range LTD are blah and higher range ( higher number 400 , 1000 and deluxe are awesome ) .

where does the geoge lynch signature stand ?? .. is it any good . theres a pearly gates in it .. but i would probably switch it to a more output humbucker later .

edit: guitar is discontinued but website say might be availabel oin special order . if i could find one .. id probably buy it .

any review would be great .
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