So, ive decided to try songwriting. When i came up with this, I meant for it to be kind of a slow acoustic song... Anyway, lets do this...

Oh, spaceship take me home

Take me away from the unknown

I know I'm gettin' way to old,
I can feel it in my bones.
I'm tired of being alone so
Spaceship take me home.

Spaceship take me back to a place

A place away from outer space

A place where I can just be happy,
A place where I can love her madly,
I'll follow you there gladly,
So spaceship take me home.

And as we race rhrought the stars
The empty cold of space surrounds me.
If only fate would just allow
me to land back on Earth right now...

Spaceship, you know its not that easy.

Oh, spaceship take me home

Or i'll forever be alone...

I know we left so long ago,
so I've no idea how long we've flown.
Just go as fast as you can go
and promise me we'll make it home.
Oh, my hearts an empty cavity,
And I long for some normality.
No more companionless mentality...
So spaceship...
Take me home.

Comments appreciated. Thanks.
~When life gives you lemons, make apple juice~