Well I recently dropped me guitar off for a setup, and when I got it back I noticed whenever I moved the arm (not use it, just rotate it to and away from the playing area) it made this kind of rattling noise. Anyone know what might be the problem?
is it loose.....?

or is it one of those you gotta screw the whole arm to screw in? if so then talk to some strat geek
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don't they push in then clamp? is it all the way in?
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^ this or possibly the little lock spring that holds the arm in get bent a bit?!?
Thanks for the replies. It's all the way in. I don't think anything is bent and/or worn out, it's only a few months old, and even then I don't do a whole lot of stuff with the tremolo. Guess I'll have someone take a look at it.
If it's anything like my EdgeZero, the trem arm is just attached to the bridge through an allen wrench bolt. Take the back plate off, look for that screw, and tighten it. I guarantee you that's the problem.