My DL4 is suddening not engaging, but it will still allow the dry signal through, so the batteries aren't dead or anything. It's done this, and things similar to this, multiply times in the past and I'm wondering what's wrong with it and if it's fixable. Besides this, it normally works fine. Thanks.
woah, first off, please don't use different text, it is really hard to read. when you say "not engaging" do you mean effects won't turn on, or power won't be supplied to the delay?
Is as if I never actually pressed the button. It acts like the button's not even connected.
Actually, don't assume the batteries are good just because it's passing signal. there may be enough juice to flip the relay to allow signal through and that's it. Either verify your batteries are good with a multimeter or try new ones. Do you have power supply for it?
Try out new batteries or a power supply, just in case.
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did you try it with both batteries and a power supply at the same time? with BRAND NEW fresh batteries? it could be that the terminals on one or both the batteries and 9v jack are going bad, or it could be the footswitches, but i doubt it would be all of them.
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A live Wire Solutions PS9VDC.

oh dear..
It's the only AC power supply I own and I've never even taken it out of the box until now. I only use batteries for my pedals right now.
its not an AC power supply though from what i can see.
but i believe it supplys the pedal with 850mA of 9v DC power.
how much isnt the issue. its the fact that the pedal needs 9vAC power, rather than 9vDC.
noone will be able to unless looking at it. send it to line 6.
The switches on these units die all the time, very common issue on the DL4. You'll need to replace the broken one(s) if that's the case.

You really should get the right power supply for it, too. The one your using is not necessarily related to the problem but I can't imagine it's a good idea long-term.
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Either way, that isn't relevent to what's wrong with my pedal.

actually. it is.

direct current = dc

alternate current = ac.

you need 9vac supplying 850 ma of power. trust me, the only thing i truly know is line6 pedals. your issue may be the fact that since you've been feeding it the wrong power you could have blown something inside the pedal.

its kind of like running mid grade on a car build for 93 octane.... it will work, but only for a short while, and you just shouldn't do it.
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your issue may be the fact that since you've been feeding it the wrong power you could have blown something inside the pedal.

I've only used the power supply once and it was for about 15 seconds.
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thats all it takes.

tis true.

think about running piss and vodka in your car. hell, it'll work. but it will ruin the damn engine.
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thats all it takes.

This problem started occuring before I even used the power supply.

Easily the most common problem on these pedals. Replace them.
i dunno if all 4 would go at the same time though? i think its something in the TB relay crap thing.
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Easily the most common problem on these pedals. Replace them.

but all the switches at once?

i'm wanting to say it has to do with power, since it just seems to weird that everything jacks up at the same time.

thread starter, does the dl4 make a click noise whenever you connect it to power? try leaving the input and output connected, and then take out one of the batteries, and plug it back in. IF it is the switches, then the pedal should still make a click noise, showing that its turned on. it should also run through the leds.
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Hi I dont wanna hijack this thread but I seem to have a similar problem. I will plug in the pedal, using the line 6 adapter, and the lights will flash on for a second and then turn off. It seems to only work for a second then dies? Does anyone have any ideas as to what could cause that?