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Here is my story, I've been a strat guy all my life, in almost 10 years I have loved the strat sound in all it's possible ways. From time to time I have gone out to try some other guitars, I have owned am Epi Demon V (which taught me the importance of sounds over looks), , a PRS SE (which introduced me to darker tones) and Schecter Hellraiser (which was great to learn what active pick ups do, and made me know that I hate Floyd XD). Now i own 2 Fender Strats but now I am curious again, and now i want a les paul.

Les Paul = Gibson, right?

I don't to go Epi again, because is harder to sell an Epi than an actual Gibson. I've been browsing around Ebay and similar places and I have found some good deals on beat up Gibson. But today someone told me to check other brands like: PRS Single cuts (not SE) looks awesome but its out of my budget (around 500$), Schecter (been there, done that) and finale , Michael Kelly Patriot Glory (in my price range and look great, but i don't know anything about this brand).

So, my question: On a 500$ budget which les paul should i get? (Have in mind that i don't care if its beat up, I want a nice guitar)
Why is resale value so important to you?
With this budget you could get a really nice Agile Les Paul.
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The Gibsons in that price range aren't particularly brilliant. Are you after the classic feel of the Les Paul or are you just interested in the body shape?
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I wouldn't count on finding too many Gibson Les Pauls for $500, or at least ones with decent conditions. You also kinda contradict yourself. You want a guitar with great resale value, but you yourself are buying one for a much lower price. You could still resell a higher end Epiphone Les Paul (around $500 too) for a decent price. Many people find these higher end Epiphones to be quite comparable to lower end Gibsons, by the way. You might not want to cancel out Epiphone as an option just yet. I also would not count on having too much luck reselling a beat up Gibson you yourself bought for $500. It'd be much easier to sell an Epi Les Paul in good condition.
If you can get a Gibson for $500, go for it. A faded studio thats beat up(with cosmetic damage only) will play just as good as a new one. I figured being in Venezuala you would have no luck finding a Gibson in that price range.
If you can actually pony up the money for the Gibson and you find one that is slling for a reasonable price, in decent condition and sounds good, go for it. No matter what the teenage fanboys say, companies like Agile and Vintage and Epiphones and Michael Kellys can't compete with an actual Gibson when it comes to getting 'the' Les Paul sound and feel. But then that's why Gibsons cost twice what the import ones do and that's why when you do find a Gibson being sold really cheaply it's often because some part of it has been broken or the frets are worn right down or so on.

If you can't find a Gibson in good condition in your price range then look at the MIJ copies, like the Epiphone Elitist and Elite range, some Tokais or the MIC/MIJ half-breed Edwards guitars that ESP makes.
Look into Tokai and edwards les paul copies.... nearly if not as good as Gibson.
NB - made in Japan models, the korean/chinese ones are good for the money but in the same field as epiphone, definatly not GIbson
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Buy an epiphone les paul custom if possible.. I have an epiphone las paul standard that feels as dead as a doornail (it was my first semi-decent electric...i have a million moretimes experience now..). However, a fella a jammed with before had an Epiphone les paul custom, all stock...and playing through the same Vox ac30...it blew it out of the water.. If you can get a good custom, then you probably won't regret it...it has all the les paul tone that the standard fails to capture.
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