Please help me out people:

I can buy a Washburn Dimebolt 333.

I want one very badly, however:
it must have (sort of) the same nut width as my other guitars (43mm)

or else it feels weird, although the difference is "only" 2 or 3 millimeters.

I have experienced before that less than 43mm nut width, feels very unpleasant to my hand. Believe me, you really feel it.

and I can't find this info ANYWHERE in the whole friggin internet!!
I also mailed Washburn, to no avail.

so, if anyone knows it, or has one, please inform me.

thanx very much
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What I forgot to mention (my bad) is that I have to travel quit far for it.
So, arriving there to see that it is for example a 40mm nut, would SUCK.

So therefore, I wanna know in advance.

If somebody assures me: "hey, the nut is 40", then I won't even bother, you see?
The Dimebolt 333 has a Locking Floyd right? If that's the case, the nut width is 1 11/16 inches, or just shy of 43 mm.

Actually it looks like ALL of the Dean Dimebag series guitars are 1 11/16 inch nuts, even string through models. So it comes to 42.8625 mm.
thanx dude

got an answer from Washburn now!

its 43mm indeed

YES!!! the Washburn in mine! MINE!! MIIIIINE!!!!! MUahahahahahahahahahahaha..........