Matanuska are a 3 piece groove metal band from Scotland. With their infectious grooves and hard rockin' tunes they mean to take the world by the balls!

After forming in 2009, Matanuska quickly began to write a collection of hard-hitting, fist-pumping, head-banging songs that they knew were the makings of something special. Soon after they hit open night sessions and by the end of 2009 they were playing regular gigs at popular venues.

Their songs have received positive acclaim with copies shifting like wild fire at gigs, as well as downloads and online plays. On top of this, their live show has been described as "f*cking phenomenal" by promoters. This is down to Matanuska's love and enthusiasm for the songs they have penned which is expressed with each and every show they play.

Driven by their passion, belief and sheer determination, Matanuska are now looking to take their heavy grooves to the masses!

Praise for Matanuska:
"Titanic riff-based metal, fresh from the forge...Crisp riffs and pounding rhythms" - Fudge Promotions
"crisp riffing and interesting subject
- Fudge Promotions

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