Hello good people,
Please take a couple minutes to check out my original song Dissonance and let me know what you think. I hope if nothing else you should find it to be full of emotion despite (or perhaps even more so) being instrumental -


Thank you for taking the time to check out my song, leave youre thoughts and critiques and ill be sure to c4c.

Ive already received some critiques to this song though i dont want to mention them to skew peoples thoughts before they hear it so if they come up again ill discuss them.
It really reminds me of frusciante's solo work.

it was a bit sloppy at times, it felt like you were struggling to decide where you wanted to go next, so it sounded more like an improvisation than a song.
other than that the lead work sounded fresh, and you could feel the emotion in the solo, so good job on that.
I imagine some kid listening this on a random ratty bus thinking about his life and where he's gone wrong. lol Well the song does fit into the dissonance style. I think there needs to be a stronger melody. At times it just sounds like someone trying to improvise with a slightly out of tune guitar. The song does have emotion which is great because I think music should make you feel something. It just needs to be shaped more and be leading somewhere. I like it just trying to help Let me know if you make another version! I would like to hear what it becomes.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1488002

Thanks, Kevin
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I don't really like the note choice on the lead guitar. It's really weird and spacious but I guess that's what you were going for.
This sounds a less heroiny version of Frusciante's Niandra Lades album.
I like how it picks up and there are two guitars clashing, its a great high point in the song.
You also do a good job of bringing the song down to end it.

Thanks for the crit
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I like the lead part, especially the high notes at the beginning. I just like the sound. I think it needs more reverb on the lead, that would of made it sound better. I don't like how it changes, the progressions don't blend together very well, maybe if there was some sort of rhythm track it would work better, but it's awkward the way it is. And the faster lead doesn't help. Ah it did it again! Nice guitar work though, definitely Frusciante-y and the tone is great. Another awkward change, well I like how you went back to the beginning melody and changed it up. You got a lot of great ideas and skills, I would just work on your transitions so they blend together. I would also look into adding a rhythm section, it would really help with transitions and make it sound more full. C4C?
The very beginning turned me off. If you could start the rhythm and then begin the song where it is @ 15 sec IMO it would make a big difference. I really liked the rhythm. I liked what followed up it to 1:45 and have mixed feelings about that part. I think this song is an acquired taste and requires more than one listen to get into it.

Thanks for commenting on my song.
@ Czily - i have mixed feelings on the vocals, i can relaly go either way, and even still in the future some of my songs will and some of mine wont. for this one in particular i just thought i could capture my emotions better without them. The concept of dissonance wasnt actually referring the guitar being out of tune. Its interesting you say that because if i remember correctly i tuned before but not during the recording so the end shouldnt be any more in tune than the beginning. its possible i just did a shitty job on my bends.

@kevin, thanks for the helpful words, ill work on making more of a hook for my melodies in the future

@kraft, yeah i suppose that was what i was going for, but to each their own. i appreciate the comments nonetheless, thanks for checking it out

@aaron, see tuning notes above. my play was somewhat sloppy on this but most of it was one take and i was worried more about capturing the emotion than having robotic precision at the time. im still working on finding a happy medium between the two since to far to one side can be a turn off to certain people

@rockfan, youre not alone in thinking the changes are awkward. ive basically been told this should be three different songs but theres something about it that just works for me. at the time my thoughts were all over the place and these ideas all came together to make the one whole of all the things i was thinking; hence, from dissonance, comes cohesion (perhaps just not as much cohesion for some other people, haha). while this song happens to make sense to me like that i agree song structure is something i have to work on and im going to take more care to do so in the future.

@fly, my rational behind the beginning was its basically just (more or less) random notes crying out. for me it helped with the emotional aspect of it but i can see how it would be a turn off.