Friend of mine loaned me an e-kit. It's nothing fancy, it's old and he never uses it
so i haven't destroyed his livelihood or anything.

It worked fine for like a day, but since it's started playing for like 5 minutes an then just cutting out.

I'm not using the original power supply, but same specs. Same polarity, same Volts, Same mA.

I'm going to run with "it's f**ked*, but if anyone else has any thoughts
or ideas let me know. I was having fun drumming again.

Power Dies. It'll play for a few minutes, power will die. minute or two later it may or may not come back on.

I'm assuming the power Jack is the problem??
Quote by shmeegle
I'm guessing that's a Soldering Job?

Most likely. I've never actually opened up the module on mine so I can't say for sure. I didn't trust myself to fix it, and I didn't have a screwdriver long enough to reach down through the plastic brick and take out the tiny screws that hold it closed anyway. I was due for a new one anyway, so I upgraded.