Thoughts? Opinions on the new album and the band in general.

I've been really digging this band, chuck has some pretty great vocal lines and the drummer has some ridiculously cool fills. Got your back is a pretty good album, maybe not as good as suiticide but still very good. I'm also seeing them tomorrow night double headlining with smoke or fire.
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Deffinately one of the best Fat bands in the last decade.

I saw them open up for Strung Out in 09, met all the guys and got hammered with them. Insane amounts of energy on stage, I kinda wish they'd come back to FL again.
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saw them 4-5 years ago with the adicts. They were the GREATEST opening band Ive ever seen. Energy rivaling early bad brains and the drummer looked like the green power ranger.

And the bassist kicked the singer in the balls mid song for reasons ill never understand, but he was out for like 2 minutes.

Zion is my fav song probably
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I love this band. They seem to have taken all the best elements of the bast 30 years of punk, taught their drummer how to use a double pedal, and recorded two of the best punk albums I've ever heard.