I recently bought a new guitar, a B.C. Rich 7-string JR V w/ floyd rose. The stock BSDM pickups are far from quiet, so I was looking at upgrading them, but i dont know anything about 7 string pickups. so im hoping someone out here can give me a hand.

i have a dimarzio d-sonic 7. its very loud and high output but cleans up very nicely. i usually have to back off on the volume when i use clean though because of that loudness.
i would reccommend bareknuckles, they have a pickup for just about any sound, the dimarzio blaze in my schecter is quite nice and versitile as well as being alot cheeper.

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Dimarzios. The blaze suggestion is good. Bare Knuckles are pretty expensive, probably about double the cost of Dimarzios in the states.