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So i'm trying to find a more advanced rhythm song

Failing a bit, cause the vast majority of 'advanced' songs have ludicrously basic rhythm, and just a difficult solo. But as I don't learn solos (haven't got the patience), and just improv over the backing instead, they don't help

So if any of you know challenging rhythm song, that'd be marvellous (any genre's fine)


Edit : In standard tuning as well
Dude, Megadeth.

Pretty much anything from the first four records will suit your needs. With that said....

Last Chance to Reason has a few. Upload complete is a good one. It's in standard tuning on a 7 string, but if you're just imrpoving then it should work.
There's very few Megadeth songs I don't know :P Was thinking harder

Thanks for replying to all three of you though, i'll go have a look at them
Black Dog. At first you'd probably think lead, but that kind of riffing falls under the category of rhythm guitar.
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Black Dog. At first you'd probably think lead, but that kind of riffing falls under the category of rhythm guitar.

You know it's the weirdest coincidence, I was actually just playing that when I refreshed the page
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Try some Guns n Roses. Izzy Stradlin is one hell of a rhythm guitarist. Nightrain and You Could Be Mine are probably my favourite GNR rhythm songs.
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... what kind of music?

Here's some fun ones for those who think lead guitar is difficult in any way.

(although the last is cheating a little. )

you posted holdsworth and said dixie music was cheating

you makea da funny jokes, freepower.
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dream theater and cynic

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Basically anything in a syncopated alternating time signature should be a good shot.

As said before, Meshuggah is very good at that.

Bleed will take you a while to get down, and plus, you need the stamina Usain Bolt on crack.
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Learn a few bossa nova songs. Some early blues stuff - Missisippi Blues or some Robert Johnson. You can also get some complex rhythms in funk, try some Parliment.
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You can also get some complex rhythms in funk, try some Parliment.

...and Tower of Power
Great & fun rhythm guitar = Alter Bridge - One Day Remains , maybe some other like Isolation, etc...
Oh, Hendrix too. His rhythm guitar was SO much better than his lead.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers stuff would be good too.
Rude Mood - SRV. Try strumming a one note riff at 260bpm without letting any of the open strings ring. Simple to get ok, hard to master. Even harder if you do it with the same fashion as he did live, where he made it chromatic and played it ~280. However, the soloing is the real issue here.

Guitar Boogie - Emmanuel. Just gaddamn hard. Same principles as Rude Mood, but faster and more sections and more intricate. Soloing is very hard, but the rhythm is pretty intense.

Oh, and the chords to giant steps by coltrane with walking basslines. this is more challenging in the sense that it is wearing to remember it all.
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Well im gonna list a bunch of metal since that i was i play.

There are lots of good bands at rhythm.

Lite easier: Metallica, iron maiden, judas priest, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold

Lite harder: Children of bodom, lamb of god, megadeth, slayer, pantera, All that remains, august burns red, As i lay dying, arch enemy, in flames, killswtich engage, (Symphony X)

Hard: Dream theater, meshuggah, periphery, veil of maya, Born of osiris, Symphony X.
Dayum, awful lot of varied responses Thanks, it was totally what I was after

(And a quick point, it's not that I can't physically solo, I can. I just don't have the patience to learn a dull 4 minute shred-fest when I could just find out the key, and make something up)
For some modern fingerstyle: Why Georgia - John Mayer

It has some subtle percussive thumb slaps in the riff.
You want rhythm go listen to " Dobbie Brothers" Cheers
Mary had a little lamb by SRV and Paranoid Android by Radiohead are good for practicing rhythm. SRV was a great rhythm guitarist on top of being awesome at lead and some of his rhythms can take a bit to get used to well for me anyways lol. And Paranoid Android has a lot of rhythms that change frequently and not all are strummed there is some great string skipping practice in Paranoid Android hope this helps :-)
Trivium has some pretty tough rhythms especially on Ascendancy and Shogun.
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Dream Theater - Constant Motion

Just do it!!

Just have to say i love this song, that is all.

Also working on it right now ^^
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Frank Zappa's Black Page #2.

one of my personal favourites

Periphery - Buttersnips. Its in drop C (drop D will work just fine), but daaamn is it fun to play!

not mine cover
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Bleed by Meshuggah.
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