Hi guys. I just started playing guitar back in February and I was hoping some of you could give me some tips on becoming a better player. Maybe what songs, exercises, or techniques I should learn?
I would, but where I live there is a 6 month waiting list for anyone decent, and it's ridiculously expensive
Learn the very basics. You gotta learn how to walk before you can run. Learn how to play basic chords, what the names of the strings are and the anatomy of the guitar, also how to read tabs. Learn some songs that use a couple basic chords, scales and yeah techniques. An easy song to learn would be Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam by Nirvana. The first song I learned was Hurt by Johnny Cash. Some basic riffs won't hurt either. Basically every beginner learns to play the riff to Smoke On the Water by Deep Purple. It would be up to you to find some song that use techniques like bending, trills, tremalo picking, hammer ons and pull offs. If you're gonna teach yourself watch some stuff on youtube, it helps a lot!
First of all congratulations for starting to play guitar !

Music in my opinion is a way of life, is a way that hanges your life, by changing how you think and by building your character.

On topic:

Start with my FREE ebook : http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/the-guitar-blueprint-to-success/

I wrote it so that it gives a newbie a direction, teaches him the fundamentals and the most important thing : it helps you understand why do you have to do certain things in order to have a fast progress.

Aditional information:

Read and apply the things i talk about here about EAR TRAINING:


As for finger strength:


Also check out the Music theory section for insights about music theory.

I would recommend that you first read the book and then start to tackle the other articles.

Also feel free to tell me if you have any questions, i would be more then happy to help you.