It's on my profile, it's an Intro to something i havent completely worked out yet,
but I like where it's going!
Tell me what you think and drop me a link!
LOL, I thought I was going to hear 58 sec of water dipping.

The intro riff was great. But when the solo kicks in, it kills the mood. It's a bit bright, loud, and piercing. The bend at 45 sec didn't seem quite right. I get the bend complaint a lot and can't figure out which one(s) they mean, so I make sure I say exactly where.

I think the solo is in itself good for the song. You just need to mix it and/or adjust the tone a bit so that it's a buttery smooth transition from intro into the solo.

I have 3 songs up now for C4C. Please check out one of them and leave a comment....

Baldwin Park (blues)
Sneaky (chill)
Some Bird (easy listening)