Gonna go pick up a used Hartke ha3500 and a 4x10 hartke vx series cab w/ 5'' tweeter today for $550CDN.

What do ya'll think?
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I love the Hartke HA3500 we had those at the school I was in and my bass sounded really punchy through that, my warwick just messes up all the low-ended stuff! We had one with 1x15 and one with 4x15 and the 4x15 was just brilliant!
Nice head, but the cab is quite crappy.
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Love the head (even though I regret not getting the LH instead) but the cab isn't anything special. It's a decent deal but try to pair it with another cab or a second cab if you can.

Mine sounds pretty good with the vx 4x10 and a pre-Gibson trace 1x15.
It should be a fine rig. VX cabs are very good. I've got an 8x10 and it sounds great and has taken some serious abuse over the years.
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I own the combo version and enjoy it quite a bit. It has a couple issues, but I got it used for $150. The sansamp makes it sound incredible.
io think my buddy has that cab, and some kind of hartke head... i LOVE hartke i want one so bad lol
i think that cab sounds like sex

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