Hello, I have a question for the pit. I will be travelling to Italy in May and I am wondering how much I should expect to spend on food. All of my breakfasts and five of my dinners will be provided with the tour that I am taking. This means I will have to buy 10 lunches and five dinners. Approximately how much should I budget for decent food? I will be in Florence, Venice, and Rome. I'm hoping no more than 15 euros per meal, but I have no idea how much things cost in Europe. I am aware that things are more expensive than they are here in the U.S. If someone could give me an idea, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Oooh! I went all of those places this summer! Depends what you get, really. You can go to a cafe, a fancy restaurant, or anywhere in between. Keep in mind that things cost more in Venice, as all products have to be double handled.
Well I've been to Venice and they aks about 7 euro's for a big mac, go figure... shitey place.
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It depends a lot on what you choose. Keep in mind you want to obviously avoid the main streets restaurants and the expensive ones. A cheap meal in a restaurant will be something between 7 and 10 euros.
McDonald's will make you pay around 7 euros for a big McMenu.
Or, you can also find sandwich and kebab sellers, which are usually amazingly cheap(around 5 euros) and some of them serve you really good stuff.
Hope your journey will be great..
..and don't get scammed man. Trust me, I know my country. Unfortunately.
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I'm going to be eating out at restaurants. I would like to eat somewhere decent, however I probably won't be eating at really expensive restaurants. Also, Basti95, I'll do my best not to be a stereotypical American.