Poll: Did you ever have perfect attendance for a year in school?
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I've been off sixth form for 6 days.
Caught a bug.

/I'm going to fail sixth form.
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I had perfect attendance twice in elementary. Never in high school and junior high. Haven't missed a class in university yet.
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I don't like to feel like i'm missing out on anything, and staying home from school is usually boring as shit cause I don't see my friends.

I've always had really good attendance. I skipped alot my Junior and Senior years in HS, but it was usually just in the morning cause **** waking up at that point. I got close to getting perfect attendance a couple of times, but I usually get sick once or twice a school year.
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At school it wasn't that bad until the last year and at college it was awful, I went to like 40% of my classes
Probably not since elementary school, though I don't really remember. I don't get sick too often, but when I do, it's nasty as hell. I usually miss a couple of days minimum. At uni, though, I skip classes all the time. Especially when it's a large auditorium class.
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Freshman Year, would have been Sophomore too but I skipped to see Peter Frampton. I am so BA.
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Only ever missed about 8 days in primary school (7 years) but I'm averaging 8 a year in high school.
I've been pretty close.
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I'm on a PGCE so I can't take any days off at all. I used to skip a few lectures at undergrad level though.
I would be absent a few days every year in the fall. My allergies hit me real bad every year around this time (it's late this year, so is fall) and I'll almost always get an ear infection and phlegm in my chest. At the worst point, it's like the flu

I'll be coughing stuff up until December.

EDIT: The coughing stuff up just started
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I didn't spend a whole lot of time in high school at all for various reasons. I didn't really have any reason to be there - they kept ramming the same crap down my throat from 8th grade on. Instead of hearing whatever being repeated ad nauseam everyday, I skipped class and went home to play my guitar. It wasn't until I went to college that I had good attendance in school. They actually teach you things there.

As for work, I rarely miss a day. If you will pay me for my time, I will be there.
Yup. Had like 4 or 5 years of perfect attendance.

I pick and choose days when I go into uni though.
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hell no, on good powder days my dad pulls me outta class. And my family always takes me out for a week to go to mexico in the middle of the school year
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At school slappin on the girls asses. Fuck the white education so I skip a lot of classes.

not really
my attendance was horrible in high school. now that i'm in college though, my classes are actually fun so i've only missed one day so far.
Missed school for being sick and whatnot. Never skipped a class though. I don't miss work if I can avoid it.
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I haven't been to class in months... because I'm not in school.
At school no way. Was out a lot.

I use up all my sick and vacation days at work every year for the last 5 years. We get no sort of benefit for not using them so...why not. My sick days are used for the day after I went to some concert or gig and had to travel for it. Getting home at 3am you know. Not going to work the next day lols, call in sick. Think I've only been sick for real (excluding hangover) once in 5 years.
In high school? No. In uni? It varies. Right now I'm very interested in my course and like that's not enough to motivated me, they now require obligatory attendance. So I'm in at every class unless I'm seriously ill.
I had a year in high school where I missed more days then I attended. The others were around 30-50 missed
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In school there were years when I never missed a day. In University there were certain lectures that I never missed and ones that I seldom attended. Some courses didn't seem to have very useful lectures by the nature of the course, there wasn't really much that could be said that wasn't simply a summing up of the reading, so I used to just stay in the Library and do the reading instead.
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At my school, you're usually allowed 3-4 absences before it affects your grade. Unless the class' lectures are very important and useful, I usually use all those absences I can. Usually I'll allow myself to skip each class once a month.
Well on average i probably go to school 2 out of the four days i have. but i often just dont go at all. Don't see the point of dragging my ass an hour from my place so i can attend a class that has all content and lessons already online.
Once in middle school. I try and miss as much days as possible now that i'm a senior in high school (as much as allowed).
I skip most lectures at uni... There are a lot of useless lectures at uni, when they just review the chapter. You might as well just read the chapter alone... But I do all the labs and group work and stuff.
I don't think I ever had perfect attendance in school, but I know there were years in high school where I didn't miss more than 1-2 days.

University was slightly worse, but I could get away with skipping classes more easily. I always made sure I found out what I missed and kept up with my studying and such.
No, because every year I have those days where I feel way too shitty to go anywhere.
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I go to school as much as I can because I can't be bothered to learn on my own.
I have missed classes due to sickness or other thing.
Now that I'm in post secondary, I have to go or it's $7000 at stake.
Not perfect attendance. But I go to 95+% of the classes. I might miss the class on monday morning or friday because I have to come/go to a place that's 200km from the university. So if on friday or monday the lesson sucks, I won't go.
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I get sinus infections at least once a year that keeps me out of class for a few days. almost made it through last semester without getting sick, but then I got a concussion and missed a week of classes.
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I had perfect attendance until third grade. Then I got suspended and didn't miss a day till 5th. Then a couple in 6th because I moved about 800 miles. Then 5 in 7th because my uncle died and I had to travel 800 miles. Then none in 8th or 9th grade.
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