I'll put it here because I find most of his US fans also listen to alot of what's on this subforum but I wish there was a more inclussive Forum as PW kind of plays in many worlds as the best artist do.

Anyways, Any one into Paul Weller here?

I heard Jam songs as a kid but never paid attention to him.

In 94, after my old band split, I was an one of those phases where you are getting stale on what you've been listening to. Well I was sitting at home watching 120minutes when Paul Weller's "Sunflower" video came on and it flooooored me and then they played "A Town Called Malice" from The Jam.

I movedback to Northern Va. 6 months later and all my old friends were huge into Weller as well.

Saw him on the Heavy Soul Tour in DC, one of my faverite shows ever.
Certian artist are a moment in time for me and I dont really go back and listen to them much or if at all but some are constants for me, I always go back and listen to them, no mater what else I am into at the time. Rush, Zepplin, The Clash, Fear, The Pixies, Pink Floyd, Slayer, U2, PJ Harvey,Tom Waits, Fields of Niphilem and Paul Weller are some of mine.

The guy's music flows and blends Soul, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues into true class and just great all round music. I have got everyone from Metalheads to Caskit Rockers into his work.
The songs, the voice, the musicianship, the willingness to experiment yet to stay grounded like no one else for me.

Think I've got all his solo CDs (if there's one missing, I don't know about it!). Not really a fan of The Jam or Style Council and didn't like Wake Up The Nation though. All his other solo stuff is excellent. I got into his music after hearing the Days Of Speed album, I have to be in the right mood, but when I get into that mood there's nobody else I want to listen to.
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Saw him when he suppoted kings of Leon in the summer. He was very good, but I didn't really know many of the songs.
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Quote by JakeElson
Saw him when he suppoted kings of Leon in the summer. He was very good, but I didn't really know many of the songs.

Did not even know he was on tour with them. (But I've only recently "woke up")

On one hand it's good to see that he got out in the US more.

On the other hand it sux that he had to open for them. They are a good band (Ofd the new bands out I put them at the top.) but he is a legend and a master, they are still but Padawans no mater how much $$$$$$ they have made.

His own fault, he's allway had a blase attitude about promotion and touring in the US.
Glad you got to see him, now go and get Wild Wood, Stanley Road and Heavy Soul and your journey to the Mod side will be complete!