Hiya, after a lot of work i've decided to expose my bizarre creation to the brutal onslaught of UG. Electric Guitars are from DI, vocals and acoustic are recorded with my USB condenser mic. Drums are either sampled or sythetic, keys are VST plugins.


Any and all feedback is appreciated. I'm still developing an ear for this sort of thing so I've really no idea if it's a "good" recording or not, or why. Also whether or not you like the song or not and whether or not you think this kind of music is a good idea.

Much appreciated, Lin.
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To be honest...it's not great. I can see what you're going for and that style of music need awesome production. It's all about a hyper real sounding environment. I don't love it as a genre I think it's boring.

But, you hit all the stylistic markers, pads, acoustic and heavy guitars. What it really come down to is if you like it. Don't let people tell what to like that a road to unhappiness.

Your room you recorded the vocal is too reflective. So your string patch and vocal reverb don't fit. It's kind of confusing to listen to. Try and record the vocal under blanket and then add the reverb. (this does work, I'm not shitting you)

Your mix is pretty out of wack, I think you should drop that clap noise. It's sounds like a 1980's booty bass track.

Just keeping working on it. You'll get better at it
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I thought the intro was kinda interesting.

But yeah, only one electric guitar, needs two, the clap was annoying, the bass was too prominent and you have to work on it to get it to stop sounding kinda farty. The reverb on the vocals sounds really weird, I dunno if that was post production or what, but if thats your room sound it's really horrible and boxy and the microphone wont usually pick up that much unless the gain is way too high cos you're singing too low or because you've not got the level right and you've normalised it or something.
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I'm listening now, and I think it sounds pretty good. I'm liking the dynamics, it's definitely keeping me interested. Your distorted guitar sounds pretty muddy, and I agree the verb on the vox is wrong, but overall it's definitely on the right track. I feel like your idea is there, it just has to be more fully realized
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