Hey, so for my e-commerce class we were supposed to get into teams and create a youtube video about job hunting tips, with the intent to drive traffic to the video. We're supposed to post this through several different outlets, so I thought "why not UG?" Anyway, it's just a video. All anyone needs to do is watch it once.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYdzoA4XGG8
Does it not matter about the content of the video then?

Where else have you posted? Facebook, Twitter ect?
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DoGaLog, i think youv jst owned everyone on this thread and well done.
Why is it titled 'Job hunting tips for pros'? Shouldn't it be 'Job hunting tips from pros'?

I don't think a pro would need tips.
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Not particularly, no. As long as we can drive traffic to it, it doesn't matter that much.

Yeah those are the other ones we're using. I think there may be a couple more, but those are the ones I personally used.

EDIT: ^It's not a serious video, that's why.