Hi UG, before making this thread, I tried researching this on my own and am not quite satisfied with the data I've obtained. Anyways, I had a Lovepedal Englishman, loved it but because redundant once I got my AC15. Now I see the Englishwoman, which is supposedly a "hot rodded" Englishman that's supposed to mimic Clapton's early Cream tone, and I've tried Youtube reviews but the sound quality is lost in translation. So my question is if any of you guys have experience with the Englishwoman (and Englishman), and if there are any distinct differences. A guy around my area is selling one for $225 and I think I can talk him down to 200.

I'd be interested in getting something that gets me a bit closer to the Cream tone, but don't know if it's different enough from the Englishman to pay $200 for it... from the clips I've heard, it sounds like it has more bottom end and more crunch compared to the Englishman, and it doesn't seem as "spongy" as the Englishman but again, laptop speakers.... =/

For those who might not know about this pedal:

As always, thanks! =)
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