ight i started guitar about 5 months ago. I took three hands on lessons the rest youtube. i THINK ive gotten pretty good but im not sure at all. I can play most chords and some of the songs i think that are hard may not be. EX i can play sweet child o mine with solo over the hills and far away and hey oh by the peppers. I can play probably a hundred more riffs but those are just some examples. Also i dont really know how to practice i mostly just practice the songs im learning easy pentatonic scales and just making random melodies thur the pentanoic A. Am i doing good? im going back for lessons soon ive just been to busy? also any tips on practice skills?
Sounds about how i started but if you're gonna teach yourself (or even with lessons) i recommend that you explore through different genres. I found a love for everything from blues to technical death metal because I was looking for ways to challenge myself and get better. A good way to get better to me is to set goals for yourself. Find a tough song that you enjoy and practice it. Some of the stuff in the song may be out of your reach now, but when you finally learn it there's a sense of accomplishment in it. And if you get bored, find something that you haven't practiced before and try it, or stop for a couple of days and then come back to it. There have been times when i was mad that I couldn't play something and come back a couple days of days later to find that I could. I'm completely self taught though, I think maybe having a teacher who knows some of the better ways to learn would help a lot too.
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Practice what you're doing till you get a technique you're happy with. Once you're happy with your technique start getting some music theory lessons, or try to teach yourself (good luck if you try that).

Hope I helped.
imniortal sorry but what do u mean am i on track? or am i doing something wrong?
I've been playing 6 months and it sounds like you can play a lot more than I can, so yeah, you're doing OK
Before i offer you any advice.
what do you want to achieve?
what is your goal with the instrument?
if your goal is just to play around, then yeah you are on the right track.
if your goal is to master the guitar an become an excellent guitarist, then the answer to my relative opinion is no.

Be careful with advice.. im not trying to be negative, but people tend to tell us what we want to hear, and to justify their way of thinking by approving other that do the same. sweet child of mine is not a hard song, not having a practice schedule is detrimental, not working on technique is also detrimental to your progress, etc...

but it depends on what you want.
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yea you're definitely on the right track...just keep practicing. sweet child of mine is a good song to keep practicing because it's not easy at all.
Hi, I've been playing or might I say learning to play (because you'll never know it all) for 45 years. I have struggled at times in learning certain licks, because let's face it, there are probably some licks that you'll run into sometimes that you won't be able to play, simply because your fingers may not be long enough or strong enough. But don't despair just try to learn to play these difficult licks in your own way, fortunately the guitar is an instrument that you can bend strings to make notes that you may not be able to reach other wise. And using a capo for difficult riffs is allowed. There is a ton of info on you tube by guitarists from all over the world, check them out and try to duplicate what you hear and remember practice does make perfect, even Stevie Ray Vaughn once said in an interview that learning to play a guitar didn't come easy for him.
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thanks this is great guys im having my guitar teacher set me up a schedule next lesson much appreciated from all
You're good. Believe me you're good
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