I have wanted an ocarina for a long time now...

Has anyone here made one?

If so....How did you go about doing this?

I know that they can be made out of clay or wood.

Which material would be better for me?

links would be appreciated if you know of any.

please and thank you........ApatheticMe
I haz gotten gud
I've never made one, but there are quite a few how-tos online..

I can't really answer whether clay or wood would be better for you, since I don't know what you're better at working with. Have you ever done woodworking or pottery before? how comfortable are you with either?

Most of the diy's online I've seen have been for clay.. just google it
here a link for example- http://www.greenverdugo.com/ocarina-making-tutorial/ocarina-making-contents.html