I have 11/52, tuned standard, and the B always break at the bridge. Every new string last a week. It never broke before, when I used 10s or 9s. I also use 1.14 tortex pick, the purple ones. How can i prevent this? is it because of the extra tension of the thicker strings? Also, my scale lenghts is 25.5.
11/52 is a bit thick for standard tuning. Usually strings of that gauge are used for D standard, and drop C.
Sounds like a saddle problem.
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You're saddle could also be a bit jagged. Check for sharp edges on your saddle and your nut.

If you have a double locking trem make sure your string locks aren't too tight.
I'd say with some certainty that it's a saddle problem. Check back with us if we're wrong though.