So, for a project my dad and I might start trying to build some pedals, starting with a germanium fuzz pedal. Is this a difficult task or is it not too bad with some internet help?
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I would love to make pedals too, and I hear it's pretty easy if you have a basic understanding of electronics.

A Germanium Fuzz I see? Trying to get that Pre-1973 David Gilmour fuzz sound?
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Try these, they help me alot with my pedal building...if you have a basic understanding of wiring diagrams, it should be easy.


Use this to wire up your circuit to your jacks and switches.
buy a kit from one of the better known kit makers like general guitar gadgets they provide EVERYTHING but the battery and very complete precise directions with pictures and diagrams so if you can look at a picture or drawing with labels and match the provided partand solder it in the marked spot on the pcboard you can build even a complicated pedal..as long as you can solder decently my 1st build was the GGG ITS8 it was a ibanez tubescreamer 808 clone with the very exspensive boutique mod and the AMZ mod and the diode clipper mod you can read about them on the GGG site anyway with these mods it sounds like a 500$ LDO boutique pedal it came out great and was easier than I thought it would be...do it you will be surprised at the fun and sense of accomplishment you get from making your own pedal for under 100$ and in a lot of cases under 50$ look for thier sales every month. try it you will like it..good luck
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