hey guys, so my birthday was a couple days ago and i have about 100 bucks i want to put toward a new pedal. I've been thinking about doing the mxr black label chorus. any other suggestions for around that price?

also, i am a huge fan of the mxr carbon copy. do you think i'd be better off waiting for some more cash to buy that?
What pedals do you have currently?
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Checked your profile, if that list of pedals is current I would say a delay pedal, but NOT the Carbon Copy. Look for a used Boss DD-5, or maybe a Hardwire DL-8. If you were willing to wait and save up a bit more, you would have much better options.
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I also checked the gear in your profile and am going to assume you play metal. In which case I probably wouldn't recommend the CC as a delay. Instead the tc nova repeater is a pretty good choice. I've seen them go for about 150.
I also like the malekko ekko more than the CC if you want an analog delay.

But IMO getting a pedal for the sake of getting a pedal is a bad idea. The way I look at it is to only get a pedal to fill a need. In which case you will know of the type of pedal you want.
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i was planning on getting a pedal to add something a little extra to some of my stuff. i wanted the chorus to help add a little bit to my cleans for ballad type things. the delay i wanted is more for songs like tears don't fall by bullet for my valentine.

also, I'm really not a fan of digital delays, especially the boss ones. i do like the tc electronics one however.

as for pedals all i currently have is an mxr full bore, crybaby 535q and korg pitch-black tuner